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What is Disciplined Agile

Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) is a agile process decision framework is that it promotes a full, end-to-end, solution delivery lifecycle. It has a three-phase lifecycle where team incrementally define, build and deliver a potentially shippable increment, or a consumable solution,  incrementally over time.


Scott Ambler has identified four lifecycles based on different circumstances. They are:

  • Basic/Scrum-based lifecycle
  • Advanced/Lean lifecycle
  • Continuous Delivery/DevOps lifecycle
  • Exploratory/Lean Startup lifecycle

All assume that the lifecycle can be divided into three phases:

  1. Inception. or initiation iteration where the majority of teams up front work is done. As Scott points out, in many cases the Inception phase may span more than 1 iteration so shouldn’t be mistakenly as Sprint/Iteration 0.
  2. Construction. During this phase, the majority of the software “construction” is done by the team. Assumes each iteration the team will produce a potentially consumable solution. Depending on the project needs, different iteration approaches may be used such as: lean, continuous flow approach, iterations. 
  3. Transition. This phase is used to address the needs of larger teams where deploying the solution is often a trivial exercise. 

For more information see Scott’s blog here


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