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Great article on Essential SAFe

  New on the SAFe Blog! "First Thing's First: Essential SAFe?" Collaborate in the comments! — Scaled Agile (@ScaledAgile) February 10, 2016 Here also is a a link … Continue reading

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Get a SAFe Agile Training!

Discover #SAFe tooling and training #ibminterconnect #DevOps — Jennifer (@jcm451) January 12, 2016

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Why Get Disciplined Agile Certified

Getting Disciplined Agile Certified As a Agile coach, I believe it is my responsibility to provide the best guidance to the organizations and teams that I work with to him … Continue reading

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Picking an Agile Coach – Lessons from the Trenches

Originally posted on Reedy Feggins Jr:
Picking an Agile Coach is often a trying task for most organizations. What is an Agile Coach and what qualities make a good one.…

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Succeeding with your First Agile Pilot Project

Originally posted on Reedy Feggins Jr:
Successful agile transformations often times require successful agile pilot projects. Often time a successful initial pilot is the most critical step early in a…

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What is DevOps?

Originally posted on Dan Toczala's Blog:
Recently I took over as the manager of the Emerging Technologies team at IBM/Rational.  One of the Emerging Technologies that my team is…

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Jazz Moves – Learning the basic steps

Originally posted on Dan Toczala's Blog:
Recently I have been getting a lot of email requests from people asking if they can do something “non-standard” with Jazz.  I am…

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What is Disciplined Agile

Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) is a agile process decision framework is that it promotes a full, end-to-end, solution delivery lifecycle. It has a three-phase lifecycle where team incrementally define, build and … Continue reading

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Recently read a really good article on managing requirements for large programs that I thought you might like.  Managing Requirement Dependencies Between Agile Teams  by Scott W. Ambler, Although we strive … Continue reading

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Scaling Agile – How Organizations are really doing it. Or Not…

Originally posted on Reedy Feggins Jr:
Updated post based on presentation I delivered at recent 2014 IBM Innovate conference. Here is the link to the actual presentation, click here. Agile…

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